Thursday, 7 May 2015



Black Country Touring, Cast, Oldham Coliseum and Southbank Centre present
Occasionally We Skype
A new theatre & dance production created by Sonia Sabri Company & Black Country Touring
Supported by Sampad South Asian Arts and the Arena Theatre.
8pm, Saturday 16th May 2015
 Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London SE1 8XX
Dance, music and theatre combine to explore existence in a digitally connected world.
Globalisation and technology have made us more connected than ever.We have so many ways to communicate with other people,so why do we still live in our own separate worlds?
Occasionally We Skype asks how the new telecommunications
have changed family life around the globe.

What happens when the accident of one person’s birth
combines with another’s reality in the digital age?
In Occasionally We Skype, the traditional meets the new.
It combines contemporary Kathak dance, spoken word and theatre with
live music and digital projection – and features performers armed with iPhones.
This is a multimedia show for a multimedia era.
This is a touring partnership between
Black Country Touring, Cast, Oldham Coliseum and Southbank Centre.

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